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The Simplified Difference

“Differences make a difference. Contrast is the mother of clarity.” Oz Guinness

At Simplified Insurance and Benefits Inc we have three stakeholders: Our clients, our agents and our employees. We strive to “bring Peace of Mind” to each group because we understand that the success of the company has a direct correlation on how well we serve each group. The groups have a symbiotic relationship, so that general well being of the company is tied to the well being of each group.

With our clients we “bring them Peace of Mind by,

  1. Helping them identify their need to protect their incomes and lifestyles against adversity due to disability or premature death of the breadwinners.
  2. Educating them about their policies so they understand what they bought and why, thus giving them confidence in their decisions. Our objective is to make them knowledgeable about insurance so they can make well informed decisions.
  3. Building lifelong relationships so we are there to provide benefits when the promises of their policies are called up.

With our Agents we “bring them Peace of Mind” by

  1. Helping our agents become successful thereby earning income to support their families.
  2. Training them to be knowledgeable and competent about our products as well as other products in the industry.
  3. Providing them career opportunities to stay and grow with us as we accomplish our vision of making Simplified Insurance and Benefits Inc a world-class insurance agency.

With our Employees we “bring them Peace of Mind, by

  1. Creating an environment that encourages excellence and growth.
  2. Continuous and up to date training to best serve our clients.
  3. Career advancements and job security with competitive compensation

The Simplified Difference gives our stakeholders and us a picture of what is expected from Simplified Insurance and Benefits Inc. We are different because we strive for “Peace of Mind” for our clients, our agents and our employees.

Ralph Hastings-Spaine
Simplified Insurance and Benefits Inc.